Flipping The Musical Classroom, Pt. 2 - Up Close and Personal with MusicProfessor

Flipping The Musical Classroom, Pt. 2 - Up Close and Personal with MusicProfessor

Welcome to Part 2 of MusicProfessor’s “Flipping the Musical Classroom” series, where we’re giving you all the info about the latest reform movement in music education: flipped learning.  For this installment, we’re giving you a look at what we do here at MusicProfessor and why we support this new method of learning. Feel free to check out our Ultimate Guide to Flipped Learning to get a refresher on what flipped learning is and how it’s being implemented in classrooms near you.

Who is MusicProfessor? MusicProfessor is a family of musicians, teachers, students, led by our trusty founder and CEO, Corey Fleeman.

MusicProfessor CEO Corey Fleeman

MusicProfessor CEO Corey Fleeman looks over video footage for lessons in the filming studio.

What does MusicProfessor do? Our goal is to provide affordable online private music instruction for everyone. This includes schools with band programs that may not have a full staff of band directors with the knowledge to teach every instrument, or band programs with little to no funding for private music lessons, which are crucial for a music student’s future success. But when we say “everyone”, we really mean everyone who wants to learn how to play a musical instrument and doesn’t know where to start. Good news: the MP family is here to help.

How does MusicProfessor support flipped learning? Flipped learning is a new method of teaching that allows students to watch video lessons or do online activities outside of class, then teachers provide an in-class activity that requires students to apply what they’ve learned. This allows teachers to provide individual instruction to the students that might need more help in class, and spur on the students who understand the lesson to move forward with the activities. MusicProfessor supports this model by providing the online content that music students need, taught by university-level music faculty and world-renowned professional musicians.

 Rene Lira, Band Director

MP family member and band director Rene Lira has a lot of suggestions based on his success using MusicProfessor.

Why does MusicProfessor support flipped learning? Like we mentioned earlier, our goal is to provide music education to everyone, and that means we have to make ourselves easily accessible. What better place to do that than the Internet? Individuals who aren’t in a school band program or don’t have a private teacher can learn an instrument on MP’s website, and interact with other students there to get help. And band programs without the resources to fund a full music instruction program can offer excellent quality lessons to their entire program through MusicProfessor. Given the recent integration of tech devices in a lot of school, as well as the growing amount of time kids spend online, we knew that MP’s online lessons would satisfy students who learn at different paces, parents who don’t want to spend money (when the instruments alone can be expensive enough), and teachers who want to combine their own abilities and outside resources to get fantastic and noteworthy results.

Is it hard to transition from the traditional system to using MusicProfessor? Not at all! It's easy to prepare yourself and your students for the change. With just a few adaptations to your current lesson plans, and a little planning ahead to make full use of your class time, you’ll be golden! Remember that any new change takes a bit of time and practice, but we want to make that transition as easy as possible for you. We’re constantly posting instrument-specific tips, interviews with our instructors, interviews with our band directors, tips on using MP, and more on this blog, and it’s all for you!

 MusicProfessor: Online Music Lessons at Texas Bandmasters Association

MusicProfessor is all about support. At the Texas Bandmaster’s Association convention in 2013, our MP team members (shown above) were excited to help teachers understand what MP could offer.

 MusicProfessor CEO Corey Fleeman at the Texas Bandmasters Association Conference

Corey speaking with a music educator about how to implement MusicProfessor in the band hall.

Now you’re ready to check out our website, www.musicprofessor.com and see what all the hype is about. We’ve also got sample lessons for each concert band instrument series on our YouTube channel. Our goal is to help you learn an instrument, save money, and amaze everyone.