Flipping the Musical Classroom, Pt 3. - Funding the Flip

Flipping the Musical Classroom, Pt 3. - Funding the Flip

Band parents from the Llano Yellow Jacket Band program in Llano, TX. The Yellow Jackets have been proud members of the MP family for over a year

So far we’ve discussed what flipped learning is and how MusicProfessor uses flipped learning to help music students everywhere. Now we want to focus on the next step: making it happen. The decision to use MusicProfessor might be easier for an individual, but for educators who are looking for a budget-friendly and effective classroom tool, the thought of flipping a classroom can be daunting. To help you think through the financial implications of joining MusicProfessor, here are some tips that can help you fund the flip.

Talk To Your Boosters or PTA – Parent groups like putting their money to good use, and MusicProfessor is a fantastic use, not only because of its budget-friendly price and top-quality lessons from world-renowned musicians and university faculty, but also because of…

Lesson Subsidy – You can re-allocate funds that are only covering lessons for a few students a few times a year, to provide tons of lessons for all your students. Plus, students can watch these lessons at any time, as many times as they’d like.

Your Normal Fundraising Event – A single, low revenue fundraiser can cover an entire MusicProfessor program for a year.

Pro-Technology Administrators – Principals and Directors of Fine Arts now tend to encourage the integration of technology, and will be more willing to support a curriculum that can successfully integrate technology at a low cost.

Grants - Available by the truckload. Target is a great place to start, as they tend to readily support fine arts programs

Encourage Students - Let your students know they can sign up on their own at a low cost. Students can go their own pace, and it’ll improve performance in class. Soon, the other students will want to be on board as well!

We understand that funding is always a primary concern for band programs. While we want to encourage more students to join music programs in school, it means paying for instruments, lockers, uniforms, instrument repairs, buses, snacks, etc. MusicProfessor wants to help you by providing a low-cost and highly effective method of instruction, especially to programs that aren’t in an optimal financial or geographical situation to provide private lesson teachers for all students. Once you’ve funded the flip, you’ll be spending less time worrying about the core of the program and more time replacing that trumpet bell that Johnny managed to drop on the ground again.

Have any questions? We’ve got answers. Take a tour of MusicProfessor at http://musicprofessor.com/tour for even more information, including pricing, snapshots of our lessons, and bios of our MusicProfessor instructors.

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