Advanced Bassoon

Professor Leslie Massenburg guides you through five challenging etudes. You'll tackle each etude in smart, bite-sized sections, and you'll conquer the rhythm, phrasing, and musical elements of all of the pieces. Walk away with an advanced mastery of the bassoon and a performance-level competence in five new pieces.

Category: advanced, bassoon, woodwind

5 challenging Bassoon etudes
Learn how to break down a complex piece of music into manageable sections.
Extend your abilities
Review multiple complicated rhythms, increase tongue speed, and learn tons of new warm up exercises.
Play expressively
Advanced vibrato and dynamic exercises, plus
download sheet music for practice on the go.
instructor: Leslie Massenburg
Leslie Massenburg is adjunct bassoon professor for Brookhaven College and is a frequent substitute with the Dallas and Ft. Worth Symphony Orchestras...more...