NEW - Drum Set

Kick off your drum set playing right with engaging and expert instruction. You'll learn how to read rhythms a variety of ways and perform your first beats by the end of this course.


This video library is perfect for:
  • First-time drum set players ready to kick off their first beats
  • All players interested in self-paced, authentic instruction
In this library you’ll learn:
  • How to start learning drum set even without drums
  • How to coordinate your hands with your feet easily
  • How to play with good technique you'll be able to continue to build on


Drum Set Level 1

By Mckenna Reeve
  • 0 Lessons
  • Mckenna Reeve
  • Here's Where to Start!
  • Introduction
  • Building a Backbeat with Hands
  • Adding Your Foot
  • Trying Some Variations
  • Transfer Backbeat to Drums
  • Play Along! - Slow Tempo
  • Play Along! - Medium Tempo
  • Grid Notation
  • Bass Drum Variations 1
  • Bass Drum Variations 2
  • Snare Drum Variations 1
  • Snare Drum Variations 2
  • Kinesthetic Awareness
  • Set-Up
  • Hardware Setup
  • Reviewing Names
  • Hand Technique
  • Singles, Doubles and Paradiddles
  • Foot Technique
  • Intro to Grooves
  • Pop 1
  • Playing with Bass
  • Rock 2
  • Hip-Hop 1
  • Trap
  • Country 1
  • Country 2
  • What are Hits?
  • Hits - Example on Beat 4
  • Hits - On 1+2+3+4
  • Form
  • Fills 1
  • Fills 2
  • How is a Fill Used?
  • Echo Exercises
  • Call and Response
  • Improvisation on Drums
  • Playing Over Form versus "Open" Solo
  • Practicing Playing Over Form
  • Beatboxing
  • Learning by Ear
  • Try it!-Level 1 Bass Drum, Snare Drum
  • Try it!-Level 2 Bass Drum, Snare Drum, High Hat
  • Try it!-Level 3 Full
  • Writing it Out
  • Try it with Songs you Like!
  • Cross Stick
  • High Hat Lift
  • Ride Bell
  • Rim Shot
  • Triple Meter Backbeat
  • Triple Meter Notation
  • Subdivision
  • One Drop
  • Soca 1
  • Soca 2
  • 16th Note Funk 1
  • 16th Note Funk 2
  • 16th Note Funk 3
  • 16th Note Funk Composition
  • Listening
  • Switching Up Tones 1
  • Switching Up Tones 2
  • Make A Groove
  • Rudiments - Flams
  • Rudiments - Drags
  • Rudiments - Double Stroke Roll
  • Rudiments - Buzz Roll
  • Backbeat Grid 1 - Moving the Snare Beat Around
  • Backbeat Grid 2 - Moving the Bass Beat Around
  • Tips for Grooves
  • Tips for Building Coordination
  • Tips for Practice
  • Drum Solo 1
  • Drum Solo 2


Mckenna Reeve

Drummer Mckenna Reeve (she/her) is a versatile performer in genres ranging from rhythm changes to rock and roll on instruments including drumset, vibraphone, and world percussion. She received her Bachelors in Jazz Studies in 2020 and her Masters in Jazz Composition in 2022, both from the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. Her debut album Lavender Skies and Golden Plains was released in May of 2022–it features original jazz compositions for a variety of instrumentations, and can be found on Bandcamp. Mckenna has shared the stage with Grammy-nominated poet Faylita Hicks and jazz composer Ben Boone as part of the Nobody Promised You Tomorrow: Art 50 Years After Stonewall Exhibition (October 2021). She can also be heard on No Hands Brass Band’s EP Off the Curb (2021), as well as live with Veronica May and the Magnetics, the Julie Koenig Trio, No Hands, and more. An active composer and educator, Mckenna has written for UNC’s Lab I, II, and III and their jazz festival All Star Band and maintains a private studio of drumset students. She can be found teaching, writing, and performing in the northern Colorado area, where she currently resides. More information can be found at