Best Tuba course I’ve found.

-Beau Baxter

Brilliant - cant wait to start intermediate now. Feel I have a secure grasp of beginner knowledge and techniques.

-Melena Hardy

Compared to other online courses I have tried already I can see that the instructor is very good. Clear explanations. Calm voice that helps me focus on what he's saying.

-Christina Purcell

Exactly what I was looking for!

-Richard Hannon

Excellent teaching!! Easy to listen and learn from.

-Mary Bruno

Great course for beginners! I loved the clear explanations and guidelines. Looking forward to the other more advanced courses!

-Philip Botha

Great course. I have gone from a complete beginner to playing pretty well. Update: I just completed the course, and feel like I learned a tremendous amount! I can't wait to begin the intermediate course!

-James Kiker

I had a little exposure to the trumpet from other online sources, but it was without a progressive plan. Thank you for a really good experience. I look forward to the next set of instructions.

-Jacquie Davis

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