NEW - Bass Lessons Library

Learn the first two levels of string bass with this bundle, including bass guitar!


Learn to play the bass through these courses of professional instruction. Courses include lessons on the upright bass and the bass guitar.

This video library is perfect for:
  • Anyone ready to learn the bass quickly and easily
  • Self-paced learners ready to get started learning the bass at home today
  • Beginning bassists of all ages
In this library you’ll learn:
  • A beginners guide to playing the bass
  • How to hold your bass and play using pizzicato
  • How to play using the French Bow or the German Bow
  • How to read the note of the bass clef
  • How to practice your bass effectively at home
  • Powerful tips for learning songs on the bass
  • The quickest way to learn how to play the bass and bass guitar


Bass Guitar

By Christopher Hernandez
  • 0 Lessons
  • Christopher Hernandez
  • Here's where to start.
  • Course Introduction
  • Parts of the Instrument
  • History of the Electric Bass
  • Notable Differences from Bass to Bass
  • The 2 Most Common Types of Basses: P-Bass and J-Bass
  • What are Pickups? What are Controls?
  • The Sounds of the Electric Bass
  • Tuning
  • How to Hold the Electric Bass: Standing and Sitting
  • Right Hand Technique
  • The Rake
  • Assessment: Open String Exercise
  • Using Fingerboard Tapes, Dots, and Neck Markers
  • Beat, Tempo, and Time Signature
  • Tapping the Instrument 1
  • Tapping the Instrument 2
  • Tapping the Instrument 3
  • Tapping the Instrument 4
  • Rhythm Assessment
  • Basic Rhythms and Rests
  • Music Staff: Bass Clef
  • Open G and Octave Harmonic / 12th Fret
  • Open D and Octave Harmonic / 12th Fret
  • Open A and Octave Harmonic / 12th Fret
  • Open E and Octave Harmonic / 12th Fret
  • Open String and Octave Harmonic Reading Assessment
  • Introducing F on Fret 1 and A on Fret 5
  • Shifting Exercises for Any String
  • Playalong!
  • B, C, C#, Bb, and D
  • Playalong!
  • E to A Strings
  • Playalong! - 1st Finger at 2nd Fret
  • E, F, F#, Eb, and G
  • Playalong!
  • What is Pivoting? How Do I Pivot?
  • Pivoting Exercises for Any String
  • A, Bb, Ab, and C
  • Playalong!
  • Using Open Strings & 12th Fret Harmonic
  • Box Shape - Across 3 Strings
  • Other String Crossings: Across 2 Strings, Across 4 Strings
  • Intro to Tablature
  • What Are Hammer-Ons? What are Pull-Offs?
  • Hammer-On
  • Pull-Off
  • Muting
  • Sliding
  • Left Hand Pizz & Pluck
  • The Bar
  • Pitch Bending & Vibrato
  • Muting
  • Intro to Slaps and Pops
  • Alternation P, I, and M
  • Intro to the Bass Ukulele
  • Bass Guitar Performance
  • Bass Ukulele Performance

String Bass Level 1

By Christopher Hernandez
  • 61 Lessons
  • Christopher Hernandez
  • Here's Where to Start.