What is ESSER?

ESSER is the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief and it’s currently available to school districts across the United States. Currently on its third round, over $193B is available. The most recent funding in the American Rescue Plan accounts for $168B. Higher Education is also eligible for funding with $76B available for distribution.

  • Step 1: Document Your School's Needs

    Take a moment to figure out what your school's educational needs might be. Do you need new technology, sheet music, instruments, or general equipment for your school?

  • Step 2: Request

    After assessing your needs, you will need to contact your federal program manager or representative to find out what your district is eligible to receive from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds. Contact your school administrator to find your federal program manager or representative.

  • Step 3: Advocate and Follow Up Monthly

    Set a reminder in your calendar to advocate and follow up with your federal program manager or representative monthly. Utilize the email templates above to present your documented needs.

ESSER Update in 10 Minutes

Watch this short video for more information, courtesy of Conn-Selmer Education

NAfME ESSER Funding Toolkit

COVID Relief Funding in the Music Classroom

Resources from ConnSelmer

A more thorough list of links and info, as well as the option to request one on one guidance.

Resources from Korg

Music educators often cite funding as one of their biggest obstacles for obtaining music technology for their classroom. At Korg Education we know how important it is for teachers to find funding for their music technology needs, either through a school district budget, a parent-teacher organization or educational foundation, or seeking funding from some of the many grant opportunities available for technology in schools.

ESSER Request Builder

From our friends at Be Part of the Music